Definisi 'efface'

English to English
1 remove completely from recognition or memory Terjemahkan
efface the memory of the time in the camps
source: wordnet30
2 make inconspicuous Terjemahkan
efface oneself
source: wordnet30
3 remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing Terjemahkan
Please erase the formula on the blackboard--it is wrong!
source: wordnet30
4 To cause to disappear (as anything impresses or inscribed upon a surface) by rubbing out, striking out, etc.; to erase; to render illegible or indiscernible; as, to efface the letters on a monument, or the inscription on a coin. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913
More Word(s)
annihilation, obliteration, eradication, erasure, rub, blur, dim, slur, cancel, delete, humble, sponge, cut out, scratch out, blot out, hide, obliterate, obscure, veil,

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