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Kata berawalan huruf OB

obadiah obar obat obat-obatan
obcompressed obconic obcordate obdiplostemonous
obdormition obduce obduct obduction
obduracy obdurate obdurately obduration
obdureness obe obeah obeche
obedible obedience obedience plant obedienciary
obedient plant obediential obediently obeisance
obeisant obelion obeliscal obelisk
obelus obeng obequitate oberon
oberson obese obeseness obesitas
obesity diet obey obeyer obeyingly
obfirmation obfuscate obfuscation obi
obiism obimbricate obit obiter
obitual obituarily obituarium obituary
object ball object code object glass object language
object lesson object of a preposition object of the verb object program
object-oriented database object-oriented database management system object-oriented programing object-oriented programing language
object-oriented programming language objectable objectification objectify
objectionable objectionableness objectionably objectist
objectivation objective objective case objective lens
objectiveness objectivity objectize objectless
objek objekan objektif objektivisme
objet d'art objibways objicient objuration
objurgation objurgatory oblak oblanceolate
oblasi oblate oblateness oblati
oblationer oblatrate oblatration oblatum
oblectation obligable obligasi obligate
obligated obligation obligational obligato
obligatoriness obligatory oblige obliged
obligement obliger obliging obligingly
obligor obliquation oblique oblique angle
oblique case oblique triangle oblique vein of the left atrium oblique-angled
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