Kata berawalan huruf K

knife pleat knife thrust knife-edge knife-handle
knifeedge knifelike knight knight bachelor
knight errantry knight of the round table knight of the square flag knight templar
knight's service knightage knighterrant knighterrantry
knighthead knighthood knightia knightless
knightly kniphofia kniphofia praecox kniphofia uvaria
knit knit stitch knitback knitch
knitster knitted knitter knitting
knitting needle knitting stitch knittle knitwear
knives knob knob celery knobbed
knobbing knobble knobbler knobbly
knobcone pine knobkerrie knobkerry knobstick
knock about knock against knock back knock cold
knock off knock on knock out knock over
knock up knock-down knock-down-and-drag-out knock-knee
knock-on effect knockabout knockdown knockdown-dragout
knocked-out knocker knocking knockings
knockkneed knockoff knockout knockout drops
knockstone knockwurst knoll knoller
knopped knoppern knopweed knor
knossos knot knotberry knotgrass
knotless knotted knotted marjoram knottiness
knotty pine knotweed knotwort knout
know apart know nothing know the score know what's going on
know-all know-how know-it-all know-nothing party
knowable knowall knower knowing
knowingness knowleche knowleching knowledge
knowledge domain knowledgeability knowledgeable knowledgeableness
known knownothing knownothingism knox
knubs knuckle knuckle down knuckle duster
knuckle under knuckleball knucklebones knuckled
knuckler knuckles knucks knuff
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