Definisi 'hero'

English to English
1 a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength Terjemahkan
RAF pilots were the heroes of the Battle of Britain
source: wordnet30

2 the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

3 someone who fights for a cause Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

4 Greek mathematician and inventor who devised a way to determine the area of a triangle and who described various mechanical devices (first century) Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

5 (classical mythology) a being of great strength and courage celebrated for bold exploits; often the offspring of a mortal and a god Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

6 (Greek mythology) priestess of Aphrodite who killed herself when her lover Leander drowned while trying to swim the Hellespont to see her Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

7 a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

8 An illustrious man, supposed to be exalted, after death, to a place among the gods; a demigod, as Hercules. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

Indonesian to Indonesian
9 1 orang yg dihormati krn keberanian (pribadi yg mulia dsb); pahlawan; 2 orang yg dikagumi krn kecakapan, prestasi, atau krn sbg idola; 3 Sas tokoh utama dl novel, puisi, dsb yg mampu menimbulkan rasa simpati pembaca
source: kbbi3

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