Definisi 'countersink'

English to English
1 a hole (usually in wood) with the top part enlarged so that a screw or bolt will fit into it and lie below the surface Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

2 a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

3 An enlargement of the upper part of a hole, forming a cavity or depression for receiving the head of a screw or bolt. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

4 insert (a nail or screw below the surface, as into a countersink) Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

5 To chamfer or form a depression around the top of (a hole in wood, metal, etc.) for the reception of the head of a screw or bolt below the surface, either wholly or in part; as, to countersink a hole for a screw. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

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